Arkansans for a Unified Natural State is building a coalition of Arkansans to utilize the people's veto as outlined in the Arkansas Constitution to defeat bad legislation and overturn it.

The mission:

A team of committed Arkansans from across the state, led by Kwami Abdul-Bey, came together to oppose one of the most cruel and reprehensible legislative sessions that Arkansas citizens have ever seen.

In the form of a people's veto, Arkansans can come together to collect signatures and repeal Senate Bill 24, House Bill 1715, Senate Bill 488, Senate Bill 643, and House Bill 1570.

On May 24, 2021, we came together to do just that. Arkansans for a Unified Natural State launched a historic effort to utilize the people’s veto as outlined in the Arkansas Constitution and pass THE ARKANSAS REASONABLE DUTY TO RETREAT BEFORE USING DEADLY FORCE ACT [x], THE ARKANSAS ABSENTEE VOTING RIGHTS PROTECTION ACT [x], and THE ARKANSAS PARENTAL RIGHT TO MEDICALLY CARE FOR THEIR CHILDREN ACT [x].

 From Kwami Abdul-Bey, veto referenda author and founder of the Arkansans for a Unified Natural State : "The 93rd Legislature sent Arkansans, as well as other Americans, a very clear message with the forced, and sometimes irregular, passage of a multitude of bills that addressed no reasonable and  articulable health, safety and/or welfare mandate.  Now, it is We, the People's, turn to return the favor with our own very clear message "

The Arkansas Constitution gives Arkansas citizens the power to (a) initiate legislation by petition of 8% of the legal voters or constitutional amendments by petition of 10% of legal voters, or (b) order the referendum against any general act or any item of an appropriation bill or measure passed by the General Assembly by petition of 6% of legal voters. A proposed measure must be submitted at a regular election. Referendum petitions may be referred to at special elections on a petition of 15% of the registered voters. Any measure submitted to the people becomes law when approved by a majority of the votes cast upon such measure.

Arkansans for a Unified Natural State is a newly formed community organization to begin the signature collection process and rally support for this effort.

Email us at info@afuns.org with any questions or concerns.